Our laboratory is world widely recruiting postgraduate students. We can also accept adult students.
People who have various back ground are welcomed.

yResearch Topicsz

  • Development of differentiation method from human stem cells (mesenchymal stem cells, iPS cells, and an ES cells) to functional hepatocytes and creation of liver regeneration medical treatment.
  • Analysis of differentiation mechanism from human stem cell (mesenchymal stem cells, iPS cells, and an ES cells) to functional hepatocytes.
  • Identification of target genes of retinoic acids (vitamin A) with cancer prevention effect.
  • Molecular genetic analysis of liver cancer.
  • Measures against metabolic abnormality and carcinogenesis by hepatitis C virus
  • Research on sensitivity and tolerance of anticancer agents to digestive organs cancer (liver cancer and pancreatic cancer)
  • Development of new diagnostics and treatment method for liver cancer.
  • Condition physiology and treatment of NASH.

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Professor, Goshi Shiota
Division of Molecular and Genetic Medicine,
Department of Genetic Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics,
Graduate School of Medical Science,
Tottori University

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