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@Research in this Division is focused on regenerative medicine and tumor biology, with the principal aim of developing translational medicine that is applicable to bedside care, especially in the field of hepatology. In addition to translational research, we also seek to educate graduates with a strong research focus.

Regenerative medicine
  1. Development of differentiation method from human mesenchymal stem cells and iPS cells to functional hepatocytes, and establishment of liver regenerative medicine and development of drug evaluation system by clarification of molecular mechanism



  2. Clarification of molecular mechanisms involved in differentiation from iPS cells to osteoblasts

Cancer research
  1. Functional analysis on retinoic acids

  2. Development of new treatment method of cancer by identification of target RNA molecule of retinoic acid

  3. Development of new treatment methods by the identification of target molecules of cancer with reverse-genetics

  4. Clarification of mechanisms of resistance against anticancer agents